Director's Vision

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Tucumcari is my ode to living...

It’s a story that brings to life complex characters, struggling to navigate the fallout after abruptly losing someone they love. It’s about making a deliberate choice that takes you somewhere unexpected - white knuckling it the whole way through if necessary - rather than waiting for the unexpected to find you. And it’s about finding the light in the darkness when you’ve lost your way home.

Death is inevitable, but “living” is not. When someone you love dies there is a process of letting them go and we each have our own way of grieving our loss. In some cases, we may find meaning and need, where we least expected to find it: a task that needs to be done; a stranger’s kindness that gives us hope; a familiar touch that reminds us of better days; isolation and prayer that connects us to the beyond; and shared laughter that shocks us back into our bodies and revives our spirits. The irony of death is that it is the great reminder of life. Death can reawaken past desires and give the opportunity for mending what is broken. It is the message from the great beyond that screams in our faces, like a red-faced coach who believes in their team, “Your time here is finite, so get out there and get in the game!” Forgive yourself and others. Do that thing you said you would do. Love that person for who they are. Be honest about your mistakes. Choose love over anger. And live while you are alive.  

I invite you into the world of Tucumcari - a heartfelt comedic drama where life is waiting for those who are ready to find it.

Kristin Goodman – Director