The Film

An unexpected death and a stash of hidden drug money intertwines the lives of a neurotic Jewish family, a disgruntled waitress, a kind-hearted drug dealer, and an exasperated middle-man in the hot desert town of Tucumcari, NM. 

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Tucumcari is a feature length character-driven, dynamic, dramatic comedy.

The story intertwines the lives of a dysfunctional Jewish family and those that are caught in their orbit forcing each of them to face realities they have been ignoring for too long. A husband leaves unexpectedly to find spiritual meaning out of his deepest tragedy; a protective mother grieves her youngest son’s death while also grieving a life she feels passed her by; an older brother reluctantly returns home and finds it torn apart; a fallen angel yearns to be free, desperately fighting to find a way out; a young man decide between taking care of the people he loves or taking care of himself; and at the center of all their troubles is a ruthless drug-dealing middleman in the heart of Tucumcari, New Mexico where redemption and forgiveness await them.

The Characters